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History in Shades of Red and Blue

History in Shades of Red and Blue

Every three or so years, Australians turn out to vote in an election that the pundits tell them will define our future and the world, Australia and its economy roll along.

Andep has looked at some major indices of economic activity and, without inplying causation, averaged their progress over periods of Liberal National coalition and Labor government.

Unemployment rate average6.5%4.3%
Consumer price index per annum5.4%4.5%
AWOTE per annum6.8%6.6%
Real wages per annum1.2%2.1%
Gross domestic product per annum3.1%3.0%
Stock market per annum4.0%7.3%
Standard variable home loan rate average10.8%7.9%
10 year government bond average9.4%6.9%
USD / AUD average0.87430.8692



Charts showing the above and the associated trend lines are available here.

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