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Our financial advisors have been providing advice to clients in and around Perth since 1982. The company is owned by director and founder, Dennis Barton and has its own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). As independent and unaligned financial planners we are not affiliated with any banks or other product providers ensuring our advice is conflict free.  We not not receive any commissions and do not charge asset based or ongoing fees. Clients have the option to choose between fixed fees or our hourly rates.

Andep (a contraction of ANalysis with inDEPendence) was founded with the goal of providing independent advice on a fee for service basis.  Back in 1982 the financial advice industry looked very different to what it is today. The trigger for Andep’s establishment was a comment by a fellow member of the Superannuation Board of Western Australia (now GESB), which Dennis chaired at the time, about the poor advice given to a patient of the board member’s medical practitioner wife. At the time, most investment advice was dispensed free of charge and financial advisors were remunerated by commissions up to 8% of the sums invested.  The conflict was obvious. Read more about us…

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