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Andep has been fee for service for over thirty years which means we do not receive any commissions from the products we recommend.  With no ownership or licensing links to any financial product providers you can rest assured the advice we provide is unbiased.

Some advisers offer “free” initial appointments.  All Andep has to “sell” is our time and as such are unable to offer free intial appointments.  Often clients will only require a single appointment with an adviser to point them in the right direction and any further service would be unnecessary. We would recommend proceeding cautiously with anyone offering free advice.

Andep never charges percentage based fees on funds under advice as we believe this creates unnecessary conflict.  We also do not charge any ongoing fees and prefer to report to you when you request us to do so, rather than charging ongoing fees for often unnecessary periodic reviews. By not accepting commissions on insurance products, clients receive a roundly 30% discount on insurance premiums for policies arranged by Andep.

The fees you pay depend on the complexity of your situation and the level of reporting and assistance required.  Often clients simply need to speak to an adviser to discuss their situation and a full Statement of Advice (a formal report usually 20-30 pages in length) is not needed.

We invite our clients to consider our fees as an investment, and consider them as proportion of their assets. We have an analogy that a financial plan is like a will, one should always have one but it only needs to be updated when your circumstances change.  Andep’s fee model is very different to most advisers and we are confident that we provide great value for money for our clients.

Fees can be paid directly, by EFT, credit card, cheque or cash. Otherwise in many cases can be deducted from superannuation or other investments. If fees are paid directly, they can sometimes be claimed as a tax deduction (follow up advice).  We recognise that for some clients our fees can be a barrier to seeking advice.  For these clients we offer a twelve monthly payment plan. A 10% loading applies for monthly payments.

Click here to download a copy of our Financial Services Guide (FSG).


  • Senior adviser $400 per hour + GST
  • Adviser $300 per hour + GST
  • Para-planner $200 per hour + GST
  • Administration $140 per hour + GST


Andep disagrees with paying its clients to refer other clients. Where there is a known client referral we instead give a discount of 10% to the referred client for the referred client to do with as they will.

Providing Uncompromised Financial Advice In Perth Since 1982.