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About Andep Investment Consultancy

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Andep Investment Consultancy has been providing financial advice to clients in and around Perth since 1982.


  • The company is owned by its director and founder, Dennis Barton.
  • Independent- Andep has its own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).
  • Transparent fee for service fee structure with no asset based fees or commissions.
  • All advisers are highly educated and are required to be university degree qualified.
  • We offer flexible advice solutions with a formal and expensive Statement of Advice often unnecessary.
  • We prefer clients retain complete control of their own finances.


As an independent, unaligned advisory practice we are not affiliated with any banks or other product providers and we avoid conflicts of interest at every opportunity. Our fees are charged on an hourly basis, meaning we do not charge any asset based fees and we also do not accept commissions on any of the products we recommend as we believe these can both produce a conflict of interest.



The trigger for Andep’s establishment was a comment by a fellow member of the Superannuation Board of Western Australia (now GESB), which Dennis chaired at the time, about the poor advice given to a patient of the board member’s medical practitioner wife. At the time, most investment advice was dispensed free of charge and advisers were remunerated by commissions up to 8% of the sums invested. The conflict was obvious. Andep became the first Western Australian and third Australian organisation to offer fee based (hourly rates) investment advice and this remains our fee structure today.


Company Ethos

We recognise, and our advice reflects, that while many people have similar needs, few have identical needs. We standardise our process and advice to the extent possible, thus containing costs to our clients. We do not, however, let standardisation dominate individualisation.

By combining impartial advice, rigorous research and highly trained staff with a value-driven approach to asset allocation, Andep has both protected and enhanced the financial assets of its clients. Moreover, Andep’s prudent selection of investments has helped its clients safely and successfully navigate the sometimes turbulent conditions of local and international investment markets.

Economic booms and busts can be an unsettling but nevertheless recurring fact of life and Andep’s goal is to help clients navigate through various market cycles with minimal worry.


Fee For Service

Andep pioneered fee based advice in Western Australia because of a fundamental conviction that investment advisers need to demonstrate independence, professionalism and impartiality when advising clients.  We charge fixed or hourly rate based fees and never receive asset based % fees nor receive commissions.

Download a copy of our Financial Services Guide (FSG) or read a detailed description of our fees.



Andep holds Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) number 230 176 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It can therefore give uncompromised advice on a wide range of investment, superannuation and insurance products and is not limited to an “authorised product list” like other practices.


Dispute Resolution

Andep is a participant in the dispute resolution service conducted by Australian Financial Complaints Authority (previously the Financial Ombudsman Service Ltd).


Corporate Citizenship

The practice strives to be a good Australian corporate citizen. To this intent it has:

  • A commitment to membership of and assistance to charitable organisations and
  • A commitment to supporting industry and professional associations.

We encourage our staff to give back to the community in various ways. Dennis is the Treasurer of Future Living Trust and Liz is the Vice Chair of 55 Central Inc both are voluntary positions for these charitable organisations.


Andep’s staff in the 1980s with founder Dennis second from the left.


Growth Financial Top Adviser Andep Investment Consultancy is listed as a Top Adviser on Growth Financial.