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Woogi Promotion

Woogi Promotion


All Woogi customers receive 15% off financial advice fees from assignments commissioned on or before 31 May 2017. Simply mention Woogi when you contact us.  Everybody needs a financial plan that can last them for at least the next 5 years.  Why not get your plan at a discount before another financial year starts.  We will help you sort your superannuation, insurances, investments, mortgage repayments, savings and any other personal financial issues.

Andep is an hourly fee based (no ongoing or asset based fees) financial planning practice that is not owned or affiliated in any way with a bank or other product provider.  Andep was established in 1982 and holds and operates under Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) number 230176.

You can be assured that any advice we give is conflict free and based solely on its appropriateness for you and your situation.

Our convenient location (251 Adelaide Terrace) enables you to visit during your lunch break if necessary.

  • Save 15% (all prices include GST)

    Adviser hourly rate (usually $250)

  • Senior adviser hourly rate (usually $330)

  • Basic statement of advice **superannuation, insurances and mortgage repayment plan only (usually $1,200)

  • Full financial plan (usually $2,000)


Providing Uncompromised Financial Advice In Perth Since 1982.