Andep Financial Planners | Fees
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Andep has been fee for service for over thirty years which means we do not receive any commissions from the products we recommend.

In the early days we sometimes had to take initial and trailing commissions, which we passed back to our clients in full. At the height of the commission debate, Andep’s parent company offered a discount investment origination service in which investors selected their own investments and it arranged entry, free of initial commission, but retained the minimum possible trailing commission.

We also do not charge percentage based fees on funds under advice as we believe this creates unnecessary conflict.  We prefer to report to you when you request us to do so, rather than charging fees for often unnecessary periodic reviews.  The fees you pay depend on the complexity of your situation. Typically a full statement of advice costs between 2.5 and 10 adviser hours and a periodic review between 1.5 and 6 adviser hours.

Restricted statements of advice (related to specific issues) require commensurately less time.

Fees can be paid directly or in many cases deducted from superannuation or other investments. If fees are paid directly, they can sometimes be claimed as a tax deduction.

Click here to download a copy of our Financial Services Guide (FSG).


  • Senior adviser $300 per hour + GST
  • Adviser $225 per hour + GST
  • Para-planner $150 per hour + GST
  • Administration $105 per hour + GST


Andep disagrees with paying its clients to refer other clients. Where there is a known client referral we instead give a discount of 10% to the referred client for the referred client to do with as they will.

Providing Uncompromised Financial Advice In Perth Since 1982.